Nebras dates

Among the bounties of our country, our luxurious dates are grown with a mixture of care and love.

Nebras dates are selected very carefully so that they go through the stages of cleaning, sterilization and packaging without any additives or preservatives to match the highest international quality standards in terms of color, size and transparency to achieve the highest levels of product quality.

We export Nebras dates to many destinations around the world so that we offer a luxurious food product that suits gourmets and occupies the forefront in the world.

our story

Our story started from our love for our land and our desire to convey this love to all parts of the world by exporting our dates to you so that you can enjoy with us some of what our land provides.

We choose Nebras dates one by one, and we are keen to select the best and finest dates so that you can enjoy the taste of the luxurious Saudi dates and benefit from the elements and high nutritional value they contain.

Our Products

Majdool Dates:

Majdool dates are red and yellow in color, smooth in texture, and have a sweet, caramel-like taste.

It contains a small percentage of sugar and has benefits in strengthening and enhancing the functioning of the immune system.

Because of its high quality and distinctive taste, it is considered one of the most demanded and consumed types.

Ajwa dates:

It is one of the most popular types of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is characterized by its great benefits in treating many physical and psychological diseases.

Ajwa dates are distinguished from other types of dates by a beautiful and attractive dark brown color that tends to black, and is characterized by its sugary taste and texture that combines softness and dryness at the same time.

Khudari dates:

It is distinguished by its wrinkled crust, soft texture, large size, and high quality in nutritional value that the human body acquires.

It also contains little sugar, in addition to being able to withstand high temperatures without changing its taste or color.

Why Choose Nebras Dates 

The finest types of dates.

The wonderful taste that is not forgotten.

The pleasure of sharing with family and friends.

Dates free of preservatives and additives.

Accuracy and commitment.